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“Everything in Moderation” is Not Working for Us

“Everything in Moderation” is Not Working for Us image

Every time I hear the refrain common among nutritionists, the USDA and big food “everything in moderation” I want to scream! I mean what does that even mean? It’s confusing and only serves the interests of big food. Of course they want you to think you can eat and drink everything in moderation because if […]


An Open Letter to United Airlines: Bring Back the Banana, Please

An Open Letter to United Airlines: Bring Back the Banana, Please image

“Excuse me, could I get a banana please?” I said to the flight attendant on my recent flight from SFO to JFK. “Oh, I’m sorry we stopped that.” “Stopped what,” I asked? “Offering bananas as a snack.” “Ok what can I get instead?” I asked. “A cookie,” he replied. The flight attendant did not agree […]


Linda’s Potato Salad

Linda’s Potato Salad image

David and I have been hanging out in Atlanta the last few weeks. His mother will not be with us much longer. He and I and his sisters have converged to surround her with family, love and comfort while she packs up her suitcase and gets ready to leave us. So the days have been […]


Adventures of Eating Vegan on the Road

Adventures of Eating Vegan on the Road image

“I’m really looking forward to my Shrimp and Grits,” I said to David as I popped another fried pickle into my mouth. Charlie gazed on from underneath the table, smiling and panting, trying to keep cool. The town was Charleston, SC and the watering hole was the Blind Tiger Pub. We were on a mini […]


Meditations on Milk

Meditations on Milk image

Milk is a confusing subject. I didn’t think this until my recent trip to India during which I studied Ayurvedic nutrition with Dr. Madan Kumar. I fondly refer to my introductory studies as the Ayurvedic mind boggle because it challenged the way I think about food, specifically milk. I learned from reading The China Study […]


Yikes! Am I Eating Too Many Carbs?

Yikes! Am I Eating Too Many Carbs? image

When embarking on a plant based diet you will inevitably be asked “But how are you going to get enough protein?”  Take a gander at this article, 3 Common Myths about Protein and a Plant Based Diet and you’ll easily be able to answer that nagging question the next time it pops up. The next […]


Beans & Rice: The Delicious Vegan Staple

Beans & Rice: The Delicious Vegan Staple image

When transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle the easiest thing to start cooking at home is beans and rice. Master this delicious staple and you will always be just minutes from a nutritious and filling meal. It is endlessly customizable. Add any combo of veggies, jazz it up with some herbs and/or nuts and you have […]


Transitioning to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Transitioning to a Vegetarian Lifestyle image

During my time in Mysore one of my friends adopted a vegetarian way of eating. This was a fairly easy transition for him because we ate every meal out and the vegetarian selections in India are quite vast. But he remarked to me that he wasn’t sure what he was going to eat when he […]


Flora’s Fruit Salad

Flora’s Fruit Salad image

“You’re the easiest Mysore guest I’ve ever had,” my friend Liza said to me a few days after I’d arrived. We were lounging in our ‘dorm’ room avoiding the sweltering afternoon heat and basking in the air conditioning, a luxury that very few experienced in Mysore. Liza was complementing me for being so laid back […]


Indian Masala Chai

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Its 5am and I have just touched down in Bangalore. Still dark, the air is surprisingly cool. I remark to the taxi driver that it’s not so hot. He wobbles his head and looks at me as if to say “just wait.” Minutes later we are speeding towards Mysore swerving in and around lorries, rickshaws, […]