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Flora’s Fruit Salad

Flora’s Fruit Salad image

“You’re the easiest Mysore guest I’ve ever had,” my friend Liza said to me a few days after I’d arrived. We were lounging in our ‘dorm’ room avoiding the sweltering afternoon heat and basking in the air conditioning, a luxury that very few experienced in Mysore. Liza was complementing me for being so laid back […]


Indian Masala Chai

Indian Masala Chai image

Its 5am and I have just touched down in Bangalore. Still dark, the air is surprisingly cool. I remark to the taxi driver that it’s not so hot. He wobbles his head and looks at me as if to say “just wait.” Minutes later we are speeding towards Mysore swerving in and around lorries, rickshaws, […]


Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie image

Instead of turkey and pie (and hopefully football) David and I opted to spend our Thanksgiving week in Costa Rica indulging in sun and clear water, yoga and surfing, tropical drinks and fresh fish.  But before our departure a small taste of Thanksgiving was necessary. David’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is the sweet potato pie his mother […]


Easy Breakfast Recipe – 5 Minute, No Cook Muesli

Easy Breakfast Recipe – 5 Minute, No Cook Muesli image

With a 5 minute prep time this is the perfect grab and go breakfast. I throw this together the night before I have an early flight because I know I won’t have time to eat at home and the breakfast options at the airport always leave me feeling worse than the 5 am wake up […]


Short and Sweet (Dairy Free) Chocolate Pudding

Short and Sweet (Dairy Free) Chocolate Pudding image

This recipe, originally from Alton Brown, was shared with David and I over a very delicious vegetarian dinner at Nobu in Miami.  There’s not too much to say about this…the recipe is very short and and the result deliciously sweet. I used half the amount of chocolate the original recipe called for but it packed […]


Healthy Cookies with Rasberries

Healthy Cookies with Rasberries image

I have made these cookies several times now and they are so good and so easy! Not to mention healthy; there is no sugar and no wheat flour. In honor of Valentine’s Day I added a few raspberries for some romance and color. The tart from the raspberry is the perfect compliment to the dark chocolate and […]