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Kitchen Characters

There are a number of people who frequent my little kitchen to help me cook, eat and laugh. Since they are few in number I thought I’d introduce them as they will be appearing in my stories.

First there is my constant companion, Charlie Finch.  He doesn’t talk much but he’s a great listener and he helps keep the floor clean.


Next there’s my boyfriend David who eats anything and everything I cook and promises he enjoys it all.  We both recently read The China Study which had the happy result of making us much more collaborative on what we cook and eat.  He diligently enters all we eat into the nutrition tracker app which has been enlightening.

Third there’s the A & T team.  This team consists of my sister Ashleigh and brother in law Thibault who recently moved to San Francisco just a few minutes up the street from me. They are happy to test whatever I cook and even indulge David’s and mine recent vegetarian influence.  They also make a dynamic design and development team and have been integral in helping me with the launch of this blog.

And there is Pao, my fearless sous chef who likens herself to “that merry wanderer of the night” Puck in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We consummated our friendship roasting a chicken and ever since she has been my trusty comrade in all things food.

Lastly, the chickens, Dagny, D’Artagnan, Pele and Michael Phelps, are the first step towards my goal of being more self sustainable in the middle of San Francisco. I dream of outfitting my rental building with solar panels and rooftop gardens, planting a full scale vegetable garden in my backyard and maybe even adding a goat.  But none of that will probably happen as I don’t own the building and don’t have much cash.  But it makes me feel good that I can at least throw all my veggie scraps to the chickens and cut way down on my waste.  The eggs, of course, are delicious and featured in many of my recipes.