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Effortlessly healthy eating

My Kitchen Style

For a while now the kitchen has been my happy place.  Where I go to de-stress, zone out and escape.  This year I decided that I am going to make the kitchen a more substantial part of my life. Why can’t I spend every day doing something that I truly enjoy?  I decided I can and I will.

This blog is a space to share my effortlessly healthy way of cooking.  I will inevitably share a little of my life in the process and maybe even learn a bit about myself too.

A few notes on the way I like to cook:

I am not a chef and besides a few cooking classes here and there have had no formal training in the kitchen.  So in many ways I am learning as I go.  Its always a bit of an experiment.

I always start with the basic premise of incorporating a healthy portion of vegetables into whatever I am making.  I am not a vegetarian or vegan but I tend to make animal protein the exception and not the rule.  It follows naturally that I like to make a lot of salads and soups full of beautiful fresh veggies.  I’ve found that you can make delicious salads and soups with pretty much any combo of veggies.  Its easy and relaxing to pull out whatever I have in the fridge and throw it all together to make a yummy healthy lunch, dinner or snack.  The emphasis here is on effortlessly healthy.

I prefer to sort of wing it when I cook so some of my recipes are not very exact.  They leave a little room for you to experiment and tailor.  As most of the recipes are heavy on the veggies they allow you to easily substitute whatever veggies you prefer or have available in your garden or kitchen.

I hate to waste anything so I focus on reusing leftovers and making ingredients work in multiple dishes.  All scraps and anything uneaten goes to my chickens.