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An Open Letter to United Airlines: Bring Back the Banana, Please

An Open Letter to United Airlines: Bring Back the Banana, Please image

“Excuse me, could I get a banana please?” I said to the flight attendant on my recent flight from SFO to JFK. “Oh, I’m sorry we stopped that.” “Stopped what,” I asked? “Offering bananas as a snack.” “Ok what can I get instead?” I asked. “A cookie,” he replied. The flight attendant did not agree […]


Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie image

Instead of turkey and pie (and hopefully football) David and I opted to spend our Thanksgiving week in Costa Rica indulging in sun and clear water, yoga and surfing, tropical drinks and fresh fish.  But before our departure a small taste of Thanksgiving was necessary. David’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is the sweet potato pie his mother […]


Pantry & Fridge Basics

Pantry & Fridge Basics image

This week I’d like to share a post I did on my mother’s website Her medical office, Arizona Breastnet is a full service breast diagnostic center that promises same day results, eliminating the worrying and waiting associated with breast cancer detection. We have been collaborating on a nutrition series for her patients. As part of […]



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Ughhhh I am sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks. It’s been a roller coaster with the high point being a trip to Mexico to see a couple of extremely lovely and loving people get married by a Shaman on the beach. The low point was getting some really upsetting news about David’s mother, […]