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Yikes! Am I Eating Too Many Carbs?

Rice & Veggies

When embarking on a plant based diet you will inevitably be asked “But how are you going to get enough protein?”  Take a gander at this article, 3 Common Myths about Protein and a Plant Based Diet and you’ll easily be able to answer that nagging question the next time it pops up.

The next question you may be asking yourself is, “Am I eating too many carbs?”

And the answer is NO! That is, if you are sticking to complex carbs. As long as you are eating a good whole wheat bread (without added sugar and other crap) like Ezekiel and sticking to grains like quinoa, brown rice, barley, bulgur etc., then you are in good shape. Some whole wheat pasta is ok too as are whole wheat tortillas. This means staying away from all simple carbs or white carbs, like your refined sugars and flours.

Check out my Pantry & Fridge Basics for a list of the ‘good’ carbs you should be stocking up on.

By eliminating animal protein and simple carbs from your diet you are drastically decreasing your intake of fat and calories. Comparatively, vegetables and grains have very little fat and calories. The result is you can say goodbye to calorie counting and just eat until you feel satisfied. Your fiber intake will also increase and provide the benefits I talked about in Rice & Beans: The Delicious Vegan Staple. So don’t worry about eating too many of the ‘good’ carbs. Cutting out meat, dairy and processed foods leaves a lot of room for you to fill up on delicious veggies, fruits, nuts and grains.

So leave your carb woes behind and embrace plates full of brown rice and veggies!

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